‘The Finale’


Overall, I have really enjoyed this course but especially these last two assignments. It has made me realise that trying new things can really challenge and push us to reach our full potential. It can also help us discover things that we actually enjoy doing that we never thought we would. I must admit I was not at all interested in creating my own video but now I would be happy to make another one just for some more fun 😀 I am grateful for the amazing opportunities I have had in learning and practicing multimedia and I look forward to doing more work with fancy equipment, cameras and programs.

Thanks for reading…. but don’t go away, you never know when there will be another video in our midst. 😉





Applying Suggestions Given Through Class Feedback


Well to start I am very glad we had that session of feedback, it was amazing to see how much effort and work people have done. It was also nice to be commended for the achievements we had made.

I was quite happy with the feedback I was given and yesterday I decided to add them to my video. I added in the factory after the iceman title as an establishing shot, I though this was quite appropriate considering most people wouldn’t be familiar with the factory, what it looked and even what Dad was talking about until the very end.

I then replaced some of the cross dissolve transitions with fade to blacks or jump cuts as I did think it was a bit much and I haven’t been in the video industry as long as my lecturers to know how it all works. However in saying this, I did keep some of the cross dissolve transitions because personally I liked them and thought they looked effective.

The last thing I went through were my photos, as I was watching the movie I did notice there were some that were not shown long enough so I lengthened them however particularly in the production room this was quite tricky as Dad spoken a little fast and I had originally used the photos to be in balance with what he said, I did my best to also make these longer. 🙂

The Editing Stages


This was the easy part in a sense 😉 however the part that took the longest! :p

Now that I had my footage I needed to upload it onto final cut pro and take a closer look at what I actually had. The audio was very clear which was very surprising as I hadn’t used the lapel wireless microphones before. I adjusted just a few parts and I arranged the footage in the correct order and cut out the bits that I didn’t need or areas where Dad stuffed up. I then went through it to find areas where it was boring or needed visuals and add ins of photos and wrote them down so that when I did take the photos I would know exactly what I needed to get.

After the weekend I went into the factory on the Monday morning where I got the photos I needed of my Dad, the store room, and when they were packing the ice and storing it. This was important to document in photos because I was not able to get the process filmed on the day I had the camera, particularly as they finish at about 11 in the afternoon except for Mondays. I also mentioned showing it in my script and storyboard and therefore I needed and wanted to include it. I think it worked out better with the photos anyway using different media in a sense and also because the machines were very loud.

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Tuesday and Wednesday came around where I added in the photos and the transitions which were mostly cross dissolves and a few fade to blacks – this took hours so yes people making a video does take longer than you expect and its not that simple, especially if its your first time.

Thursday came and I was almost finished…. but not quite. 😉 Freaking out a bit here because we were presenting the following day and I wanted it to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!

I was up to looking for soundtracks that go along with it on Soundcloud and so far I hadn’t had any luck.. I downloaded a few but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for. Then Lauren and I were chatting and all of a sudden we both got a lightbulb “ICE ICE BABY” it was perfect!!! Thinking to myself great minds think alike hahaha, I found a version on soundcloud and downloaded it on final cut pro. It was perfect for my movie, I added it to the parts where there was nothing being spoken and also parts where it faded where Dad began speaking. I think this was one of the most exciting parts of making my documentary. The soundtrack allowed it to flow much more smoothly and it made it more effective and interesting to watch. 🙂

The last finishing touches before I was ready to present were including the credits at the end and saving it in two different video recording formats. This allowed it to have better quality and backups as well… as we all know what technology is like!

And FINALLY I was ready to present and get feedback on how I could improve it more to make it even BETTER 😉 BRING IT ONNNNNN HEHE 😀

Script Writing, StoryBoard and Filming Processes


After setting my idea in concrete, I sat down with Dad and talked about my plan. Previous to this I spent some time writing out questions that I wanted him to answer and talk about throughout the documentary. We then went through them together and I wrote down his answers and started writing the script from this. Doing this gave me a clearer understanding of how his company ran and what he does to contribute to it every day. It also allowed me to see how hard he works, how much he loves his job and why he puts so much effort into what he does. As I was writing out the script, it enabled me to think about how I wanted things to flow and where each scene would begin and end following on to the next one.

After going through these stages I went to the factory, asked permission from the big boss to film there and took shots of the place, allowing me to get an idea of each scene and what it would look like. Creating the storyboard along with the script really helped me visualise how I wanted the whole thing to look and turn out, it also played a huge role in filming as it assisted me the whole way through and made it run so much more smoothly then it would have without it. I knew exactly what to do, where to go next and what shots/footage I needed. 🙂

After applying the process of creating and having a script and storyboard, it has made me realise how important and beneficial it is when producing and directing a video. It also made me see that when you are actually in the zone of filming this video that things can change from what you originally planned. Being open to changes, flexibility and improvising are I believe, also important attributes to have when filming, especially when you have actors and collaborating with others. They might have very interesting ideas that could come in handy or that we as directors might not have thought of.

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Some of these came into play during my filming process, for example, my father is very outspoken and loud and pretty much he says whatever he thinks but as soon as he is being filmed or has a script to follow he gets nervous and stutters a bit. This was quite a challenge at times however, we did improvise with the script as he added in information that was interesting and relevant. This was a bonus too because I got to film more of the details in the factory and it allowed for other angle shots and made him feel more comfortable as well because he knew what he was talking about. 🙂 There was a few technical issues with the lighting when filming the ice maker and producing the ice but I was able to fix that in the editing. The audio worked out much better than I had planned n after 3 hours of filming I checked to make sure I had everything I needed and that I got more than enough footage for the editing process in Final Cut Pro. By this stage I was feeling relieved and excited that I was actually going to produce my first real video. 😀


So I’m pretty new to this whole blog thing but here goes. For the last two weeks I have been planning and working on creating my very own documentary video, it has been exciting and challenging at the same time. 🙂 I have never made one before so its a bit nerve racking as well. :p As the multimedia lecturers presented us with this assignment I began thinking of different things I could do and after talking to a few people I came to the conclusion of filming my Dad and the the ice company that he works for 🙂 This seemed like a great idea particularly because its close and personal to me and was a perfect opportunity to experiment and try new things! 😀

The Beginning of my Journey