In going through this process of researching various artists and artworks I have learnt of their significance in history and how different periods changed society and developed new techniques and styles. I have become inspired with many italian artists and their desire to create famous works that changed peoples life and are still changing them today. I have become much more interested in learning the different styles that artists have used and want to continue to experiment with these in my own artwork as I go through this journey of finding my own styles and developing skills in different areas.

I have enjoyed this topic of re-interpretation and it has given me greater insight into working different ways, with new technology and other materials.This project in particular was quite interesting in seeing how different things are today, in the way that teenagers freely express their love for one another compared to Romeo and Juliet who had to hide it because of the conflict between families.I realise this happens still today but not as much as it did back then. I love this story because they pretty much gave up their lives to be with eachother, they died together. It was very fun putting my sister n boyfriend in the contemporary context of them and I will continue to learn more as I keep practising. Very grateful for the achievements and growth I have made in just this last year!  


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