Experimentation with my photographs!


I finally after much reflection and consideration and talking with Corny went out to a variety of different places and photographed my sister and her boyfriend in various posers and positions to get a similar effect as the painting of Romeo and Juliet. I then edited the photographs in photoshop and lightroom with various colours and vibrancy. I also drew the outline of them in one of my photographs and played with the colours and different filters creating different effects etc. I also tried a Picasso look using shapes and a filter with blue, pink and green. However, I still had yet to produce the re-interpretation that I wanted to present as a final. These were some of the experiments spoken about:


This is the attempted Picasso look! :p Which I was quite surprised with but definitely not a finished work standard. The photos of the drawing which were manipulated looked quite interesting too. They are in the portfolio sorry for the inconvenience. Even though these needed more work if i was to use them for a final presentation I had a lot of fun doing different things with the photos instead of leaving them the same. I definitely want to and will keep working on these! :)


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