Brainstorming, Researching, Inspiration


After researching about these Italian artworks and the Picasso Period I thought and experimented with different ways to apply them in a re-interpretational piece. It was quite difficult particularly as cubism and his style of painting was not my greatest strength so searching for other times in history was needed. This way I would be able to combined the two periods together. Thinking back to my trip in Italy, it suddenly hit me! One of the most well-known Italian love stories,,, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I visited the statue of Juliet and her balcony and saw all the letters and notes people left for her about 3 years ago now. This inspired me in using the text of the play which I felt was very emotional and powerful in the name of love, loss, sacrifice and conflict and so it would work well with my paintings and the stages of picasso.

I used these techniques and elements from each period and experimented using both of them in the painting however, they still didn’t really re-interpret the way the criteria outlined. These are a few experimentations I made:


This is using Picasso’s blue period by simply adding a blue colour filter and having the Romeo and Juliet text over the top with the opacity layer. Not quite enough re-interpretation as the painting is still the same.


This one was using the red colour filter for Picasso’s rose period. Again this needed to have a little more re-interpretation added to it. I felt I also needed to be able to produce better quality work and that this could be done through using more of my skills in photography and computer programs for this to happen. My brain was continually ticking and researching for other things that caught my attention :)


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